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Milanka Jewelry Milla Huhta

Warmly welcome!
I'm so happy you're here.

Warmly welcome to explore Milanka Jewelry's high-quality, sustainable wooden jewelry from Finland inspired by art & nature. In addition Milanka has also changing BOHO-collection made from high-quality beads and stainless steel findings.

Milanka Jewelry was born of deep desire to create soulful, sustainable, time-lasting jewelry that brings beauty and joy to the daily life. Milanka Jewelry is a one-woman company from Kaarina, small town in Southwest Finland.

Milanka’s ecological & sustainable plywood jewelry collections are made locally from PEFC certified Finnish birch plywood and stainless steel. The wooden collections have been awarded with Finnish KEY FLAG & DESIGN FROM FINLAND marks. The marks provide evidence of Finnish design excellence and that products are manufactured in Finland. 

Behind the Milanka Jewelry is me, Milla Huhta.

I'm environmental planner, entrepreneur & visual designer. Currently I'm studying horticulture. I'm happiest walking in the nature. I also love ocean, books, kindness, the songs of birds, good vegan food & simple, slow living.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or if you want to be Milanka's retailer: milankajewelry(at)

Have a lovely day!
With warm & love,


Let's be friends on Instagram: @milankajewelry

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Milanka Jewelry kotimaiset korvakorut Finnish Design
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